Training Approval & Trainer Accreditation

NTS Training Partners

An NTS Training Partner is an organisation or individual who has been approved by the NTS Quality Assurance Panel to provide a course of training that falls under one of the NTS Training Standards.

To become a Training Partner, click on a NTS training area you wish to provide training in to download an application form:

Have your training Quality Assured with NTS

Training Partners who wish to provide a training course in one of the NTS standard areas need to complete a NTS Alliance Quality Assured Training Programme Application to demonstrate how their training meets each of the benchmarkds set out in the relevant training standard.

Graduates of NTS Alliance training courses will receive an NTS course attendance certificate, specific to that course and trainer.

To register your training with the NTS Alliance, click on a NTS training area to download an application form and it's checklist:

​​Stop Smoking Services
You can select NTS approved trainers to train your staff and know that the training they receive has been assessed to ensure its quality, relevance and alignment with MoH priorities.

Click here to view list of training partners and quality assured training providers. 

Allied Organisations

Organisations who do not fit into any of the other categories listed but want to affliate their work with or support the NTS should contact

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If you are unsure about what category above you fit under, please
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