Refresher Training Slides 2019

Refresher Training Slides
Flash Cards for clients
Using images or cartoons like this can sometimes help get key messages about tobacco dependence and stopping smoking across to clients.
Benefits of Quitting with community groups, church groups & workplaces
This is a powerpoint presentation for use with community groups, church groups, workplaces that can help people with information about tobacco dependence, why stopping smoking can be hard, and how help and support to stop and using Stop Smoking Medicines can make quitting easier. 

Green Monster Analogy 
This is a handy way of explaining nicotine addiction to your clients. 
Here, you will find a range of flash cards which you can print off and use when working with your clients.

Flash Cards for Client 1

Flash Cards for Client 2

Flash Cards for Client 3

Flash Cards for Client 4

Flash Cards for Client 5

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Want to know more about NRT or want videos to show your clients? Check out this video on youtube of Dr Hayden McRobbie explaining how to best use products and ways to combine them.
Click below to start watching. 
Useful links

Quick Tips Card - all the information you need to know about NRT and Medicines at your fingertips!
Te Whare Tapa Wha   

Guide to prescribing NRT

New Zealand guidelines for helping people stop smoking. 
Health and Disability - Code of Rights ​​

If you are new to tobacco control or would like to refresh your knowledge then this module is for you!
Tobacco Control 101 - Health Promotion Agency’s Tobacco Control 101 e-learning module.
​Useful guide for Trainers
NTS Training Essentials