NTS Alliance
As a continuation of the development and implementation of the National Training Service (NTS), a strategy has been released by the Ministry of Health to achieve Quality, Consistency and Standardisation across training in the Smoking Cessation sector.

At the heart of this strategy is the NTS Alliance. This is an industry group administered by NTS, for training developers, training providers and students to join. The goal of the NTS Alliance is to ensure that all training meets the MoH approved training standards and to support partners in delivering their training.

The NTS Alliance has a panel of independent, experienced practitioners from across the sector that meet regularly to review training partners wanting to join the NTS Alliance and Training Programmes that are submitted to the NTS Alliance for accreditation.

The benefit of joining the NTS Alliance are:

  • You are accredited by the Industry and MoH as a NTS Training Partner or Training Provider.
  • ​Your students will receive NTS certificates and accreditation.
  • ​You will be supported by a group of passionate Smoking Cessation practitioners. 

Click here to read frequently asked questions. If you have an enquiry or would like to know more about the NTS Alliance contact us .