Training for Health Professionals

The Stop Smoking Practitoner Programme offers a specialised course for registered Health Professionals (i.e. Nurses and Midwives. We know that health professionals have already undertaken a considerable amount of training in their chosen field and we want to acknowledge their expertise. This is why the NTS has developed the SSPP Health Professionals version of the programme. It is comprised of 3 Assessment Tasks:

Task 1: Stop Smoking Medicines.

Task 2: Working with your Maori, Pacific or other client (a client from a culture different from your own).

Task 3: Working with your complex need clients.

Hub Foundation Training Videos

Examples of what you could say for each Stop Smoking Medicine

NTS Handbook for Tobacco Dependence and Withdrawal Symptoms

Pharmacists Training Powerpoint

Pharmacists Zoom Webinar - 17th October 2018

Grant Hocking and Edward Cowley talk about Health Professional Assessment Tasks 1, 2 and 3 for the Stop Smoking Practitioner Programme.

Client Assessment Form - Sample and Rationale for questions asked.

What unit standards are included in the Health Professional Course?

27504 - Describe tobacco use and dependence and smoking cessation treatments.
27505 - Assess a  person for tobacco dependence and support a person to develop a stop-smoking plan.
27506 - Support a person to implement a stop-smoking plan and provide on-going support to assist a person to remain smoke free.
27507 - Describe tobacco control and health promotion as ways of enhancing health through smoking cessation.

How much does it cost?
If you are part of a Ministry of Health funded Stop Smoking Service you will only need to pay a one off $85 Careerforce Fee.

How long does the course take to complete?
The programme can be completed at your own pace. The first module and assessment tasks approximately one hour to complete.
Assessments 2 & 3 are client portfolios which takes longer as they require evidence to be collected and referred to when answering questions.

How can I enrol?
Complete our online registration form and someone will be in touch with you shortly.
Assessment Task 1
Assessment Task 2
Assessment Task 3