Full Programme
This programme is for those without recognised prior educational qualifications in a health or wellbeing area of study, at the same level or higher than the SSPP. 
The full programme consists of 9 Assessment Tasks. The 9 Assessment Tasks consists of 15 NZQA unit standards.
          Assessment Task 1
          SSPP Task Tutorial:

          Assessment Task 2
          SSPP Task Tutorial:

          Task 3: Pacific Principles and Values

          Assessment Task 3
          SSPP Task Tutorial:

          Assessment Task 4
          SSPP Task Tutorial:
          (currently being updated)

          If you are new to tobacco control or would like to refresh your knowledge then this module is for you!
          Assessment Task 5
          SSPP Task Tutorial:

          Task 6: Working with your Maori/Pacific Client -  ​​ (a client from a different culture from your own)​

          Assessment Task 6
          ​SSPP Task Tutorial:

          Task 7: Working with your Complex Needs Client

          Assessment Task 7
          SSPP Task Tutorial:

          Assessment Task 8
          SSPP Task Tutorial:

          Assessment Task 9
          SSPP Task Tutorial:

          Examples of what you could say for each Stop Smoking Medicines

          What unit standards are included in the Full Programme Course?
          Click here to find out what unit standards are included in the Full Programme Course.

          How much does it cost?
          If you are part of a Ministry of Health funded Stop Smoking Service you will need to pay a one off $230 Careerforce Fee.

          How long does the course take to complete?
          The timeframe to complete the Stop Smoking Practitioner Programme is approximately 8 to 12 months, start to finish. More experienced members
          of the workforce may complete the modules and associated assessments sooner. Assessments 6, 7 and 8 are client portfolios which takes longer as they require evidence to be collected and referred to when answering questions.

          How can I enrol?
          Click here to complete our online registration form and someone will be in touch with you shortly