What is NTS?
The National Training Service (NTS) was launched back in July 2014 and is responsible for the NTS Alliance. NTS provides the Stop Smoking Practitioner Programme, an NZQA accredited training course in smoking cessation core competencies. 
Who runs NTS?
As part of their contract with the Ministry of Health, Inspiring Ltd administers the NTS.
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What is the NTS Alliance?
This is an industry group administered by NTS, for training developers, training providers and students to join. The goal of the NTS Alliance is to ensure that all training meets the MoH approved training standards and to support partners in delivering their training.
What are the NTS Training Standards and where can I find them?
The NTS training standards are designed to ensure that the content and outcomes of training are high quality, consistent and standardised. This does not mean that all training must be the same or delivered in the same way, although training outcomes need to  meet alliance standards.
View the NTS Training Standards
When can I apply to become a NTS Alliance Partner?

Application Form to become a NTS Alliance Partner
If my training is approved by NTS will I get government funding?
Becoming part of the NTS Alliance does not automatically guarantee any Ministry of Health funding for the training you provide. However, it does mean that your training will be eligible for funding should the opportunity arise.​​
For more information, please contact the NTS team